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Roadmap, Hack.Diversity Collaboration, WASM Codecs, and more

Hello OHIF community! 2021 was a big year for us. New funding, new features, and lots of work behind the scenes on our infrastructure. We hope 2022 will be an even more exciting year for you as we roll out much of this work to the community with some major release versions. 

OHIF v3.0 introduced the concept of modes to the framework. In the next versions we will be focusing on the features and functionality that the modes framework laid the groundwork for. This will include Cornerstone3D integration and a new total metabolic tumor volume mode in v3.1.  

 OHIF Roadmap

We have added a new page to the OHIF website that is dedicated to the OHIF roadmap. Our goal is to help the community better understand what we are currently working on and what we have planned for the future. We hope this increases the transparency of core development and encourages more feedback from the community. We love to hear from you, and aim for an open dialogue when it comes to feature priorities and funding opportunities. 

View Roadmap

OHIF Component Library

The OHIF v3 User Interface (UI) component library is now available at We have utilized Storybook to create this library which allows you to explore and try out UI components. It is a great way to learn about various properties of OHIF v3 UI components. 

We have also added a new section to our documentation page which will host the presentations and training materials the OHIF team has contributed to the community in the past. Our recent presentation at the 36th NA-MIC Project Week meeting can be found here.

Visit Component Library

Cornerstone3D Integration into OHIF

Our previous newsletter showcased Cornerstone3D, which is scheduled to be released in Q1 2022. In the meantime, we have been working on integrating OHIF with Cornerstone3D to simultaneously release the CS3D extension and sets of powerful modes for OHIF v3. You can see a sneak peek of the current progress in the above image, which illustrates a 3D segmentation mode currently in development.
Watch Our Recent Presentation

Cornerstone WADO Image Loader Codecs 

Cornerstone WADO Image Loader (CWIL) v4.0 has been released, which adds support for using WebAssembly (WASM) builds of each codec. This significantly improves image decoding performance and enables us to load codecs at runtime when needed dynamically, which reduces the build time and complexity. 

In addition, we have improved the image loading performance in CWIL v4.0. In previous versions, image loading included fetching AND decoding of the image before returning a promise completion, preventing further requests from being made as quickly as possible. This limitation has been fixed in CWIL v4.0, which separates image retrieval and decoding into two steps. Now after an image is retrieved, a new request is sent to the server immediately.
CWIL Bundle Size
30x smaller 
(3.0 MB vs 87 kB with dynamic import)
JPEG Baseline Codec     
4.5x faster
(2.87 ms for 512x512 16 bit CT Slice)
JPEG 2000 Codec
1.8x faster
(41.02 ms for 512x512 16 bit CT Slice)
OHIF Build Time    

8.5x faster
(17 min vs < 2min)

See How to Upgrade

OHIF and Hack.Diversity Collaboration

Lastly, we are incredibly excited to share our work with hack.diversity through the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative Essential Open Source Software for Science Diversity and Inclusion grant. We received funding for two years (2022-2023), which is dedicated to expanding opportunity within our diverse community through our collaboration with Hack.Diversity as well as more direct access to the core development team through open community meetings and feedback sessions. The fellowship program has hit the ground running with a fantastic response so far, and we will be sharing more updates with you about our plans for community engagement in the months to come. You can learn more about hack.diversity here.

Do you want to help? Hack.diversity is seeking Mentors! Learn more here.
Thank you as always for your interest in OHIF. We look forward to sharing more with you soon!

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