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Cornerstone3D Public Beta Release

Hello OHIF community!

We're excited to announce the open-source release of Cornerstone3D - the future of the Cornerstone.js framework.

Cornerstone3D has been under private development through industry partnership for over a year. After enhancements and hardening of the private alpha, we are now able to open the public beta to the community. We are looking forward to receiving your valuable feedback before settling on the API for the eventual v1.0 release.

What's new?

Our goal was to create a renderer with high-performance interactivity without sacrificing memory efficiency in RAM or GPU. We included an intelligent caching solution to allow volumes to be (dis)assembled from individual image slices as needed to avoid exceeding the browser tab memory limit. The new Cornerstone3D rendering engine can also:

  • Render all transfer syntaxes including various compressed formats such as JPEG2000, JPEG Lossless
  • Stream the slices of a volume and interact with them in real-time as they are being loaded
  • Display a volume with orthogonal or oblique multiplanar reformatting using GPU-based slicing
  • Visualize the same volume in different planes (e.g. maximum intensity projection)
  • Fuse and overlay multiple volumes, e.g. for PET/CT fusion
  • Render color images, including with multiplanar reformatting
  • Fall back to CPU rendering when GPU rendering is not available (currently only for acquisition direction)
  • Recalibrate the pixel spacing of the images by modifying the metadata for the viewport
In addition, we have overhauled tool support with the following changes from the legacy cornerstone-tools library:
  • Migration to SVG-based rendering for annotations, resulting in significantly improved support for high-resolution monitors and better overall rendering performance
  • Improved out-of-the-box management for cross viewport tool sharing and synchronization 
  • Improved segmentation support, with the infrastructure in place to allow us to follow the pioneering work of the 3D Slicer team and provide polymorphic segmentation representations
  • New API for selection, locking and styling of annotations
  • A micro-library for calculating Standardized Uptake Value (SUV) scaling factors from DICOM metadata, based on the logic summarized by the Quantitative Imaging Biomarkers Alliance
These libraries are all now written entirely in TypeScript which ensures type safe API usage and improves developer experience.
Try the Demo
View the Source Code

New libraries, new docs!

Cornerstone3D's documentation has been modernized and re-styled under the OHIF v3 brand umbrella. The new documentation includes tutorials, how-to-guides, concepts, and API references, broken-down into the following sections:
  • Getting Started: covers the scope of the project, related libraries, and installation instructions
  • Tutorials: provides a series of tutorials for different tasks such as rendering, tools, segmentation
  • How-to-Guides: provides guides for more advanced tasks such as creating custom loaders and metadata providers
  • Concepts: provides an in-depth look at various technical concepts that are used in the library
  • Contributing: explains how to contribute to the project and how to report bugs
  • Migration Guides: includes instructions for upgrading from legacy libraries to the new versions
  • FAQ: provides answers to frequently asked questions
  • Help: provides information of how to get help with the library
  • Test Coverage Report: provides a detailed report of the test coverage of the library
  • Examples: Displays the live examples of the library
  • API Reference: provides a detailed description of the API and how to use each function
Read the Docs

What's next?

The public beta release of Cornerstone3D is a major milestone for us, but we're just getting started with what OHIF can offer. We're now focused on the next release of OHIF v3, which will integrate Cornerstone3D with the viewer. You can head over to the OHIF Roadmap Page to see more about our plans.
Thank you as always for your interest in OHIF. We look forward to sharing more with you soon!

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