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Hello OHIF community! We are excited to announce that Cornerstone3D is now available within the OHIF Viewer!

Cornerstone3D Integration 

With the release of OHIF v3.1 we have deprecated the legacy Cornerstone.js extension and replaced all functionality with Cornerstone3D. Doing this has allowed us to identify and iron out various issues in Cornerstone3D, hardening it for its eventual v1.0 release. To start off, we have updated the Measurement Tracking workflow mode, which was originally written with legacy Cornerstone. We have rebuilt the mode using Cornerstone3D with the goal of retaining the same user experience as the prior version. Although the Measurement Tracking mode involves only 2D slice interaction/annotation, the new functionality available in Cornerstone3D will allow future modes to perform more advanced visualization and interaction.

See the OHIF 3.1 Source Code

GPU Accelerated 2D Rendering

The initial beta release of Cornerstone3D used WebGL 3D textures for all operations, which limited our support for large images. We have now updated the Cornerstone3D rendering engine to allow the use of WebGL 2D textures for large images. This upgrade provides a significant increase in interaction speed of large images compared to the previous Cornerstone.js legacy engine. Below, we have a video comparison of rendering performance (20 fps vs 54 fps) between two viewer versions with a high resolution mammogram image (3016 x 4616 pixels).
Try the Performance

Upgraded Hanging Protocol Engine

We have updated the OHIF Hanging Protocol Engine to increase its flexibility and to make protocols more concise to write. The new engine is now capable of positioning viewports in any non-grid layout, meaning viewports can now span any number of rows and columns. In addition, the engine is now capable of fusing image sets and specifying viewport configurations such as colormap, initial VOI, initial image to render, orientation, and more.
Read the Docs

Roadmap Update

In Q1 2022 we published our first public roadmap and it was a resounding success, leading to multiple collaborations with the community. Today, we have updated our roadmap detailing the progress we've made since the last update, and what to expect in the future. There is a lot to be excited about in the near future. You can check out our new roadmap below.
View Roadmap

What's Next?

With the integration of Cornerstone3D in OHIF, the volume API to render and interact with 3D images is now available. Our next steps:
  • Release a new Total Metabolic Tumor Volume (TMTV) analysis mode for PT/CT studies, an increasingly common use case in nuclear medcine. The mode utilizes ten viewports to showcase the performance and flexibility of OHIF with Cornerstone3D.
  • Release OHIF 3.2 with a new gallery of workflow modes that users can install into their OHIF instances!

In Case You Missed It

Thank you as always for your interest in OHIF. We look forward to sharing more with you soon!

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