We are excited to share our plans with the community! Below you may find an outline of our ongoing projects and major components scheduled to be included in upcoming feature versions. We would love to hear your feedback on our roadmap and welcome you to join the conversation on our community forum.

Current: Q2 2023 Update


We understand the importance of transparency and want to provide you with a glimpse into our plans for the future. We are planning exciting advancements in visualization and segmentation, enhanced support for functional imaging, simplifying installation and deployment, building a Quality Management System (QMS), and more. It is important to note that as we progress, our priorities may evolve based on the ever-changing needs of our user community. Rest assured, our aim is to continually enhance your experience and optimize your image analysis workflows.

Visualization and Segmentation
Enhanced Functional Imaging Support
Viewer Enhancements
Simplifying Installation and Deployment
Quality Management System
Community Outreach, Support, Training, and Engagement
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OHIF is open source software released under the
MIT license.