Performance focused
web app
Custom workflows and
user experience
Flexible & Extensible

Performance-focused web app

Advanced visualization

See all the details with support for multi-modal image fusion, multi-planar reformatting, and more


Speed up your work with GPU accelerated image rendering and multi-threaded image decoding

Web application

Load cases from anywhere, instantly, with no installation required. Supports all modern browsers.

User-centered design

Professional product and interaction design with a focus on usability

Use cases

Measurement and image annotation

Draw from a robust library of easy-to-use annotation and measurement tools

3D Segmentation

Precisely segment anatomical structures in 3D medical images for advanced analysis and visualization

Hanging Protocols

Customize display layouts for efficient interpretation of medical images with multi-planar reformatting and multi-modal fusion support


Experience lightning-fast rendering and annotation capabilities for high-resolution digital slide microscopy images

Flexible & extensible imaging platform

Free, open-source, active community

Benefit from our thriving open-source community's expertise, collaboration, and innovation for limitless possibilities

Reusable components

Build custom workflows using a composable set of professionally designed React user interface components.

Create custom workflows

Provides a plugin framework for creating task-based workflow modes which can re-use core functionality.

Standards compliant

Flexibly connect to image archives with standard APIs such as DICOMWeb and OpenID Connect.

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OHIF is open source software released under the
MIT license.