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Hello OHIF Community!

Spring is here and with it we have some new changes to OHIF! 2023 is shaping up to be an exciting year for the OHIF product team and community with some big updates to come. For now let’s take a look at the latest release which covers new features in the OHIF Viewer, grant updates, collaborations, and some news you may have missed. Let's dive in!

New Viewport State Preservation

We have enhanced state synchronization in OHIF Viewer, ensuring a seamless user experience when switching between Multiplanar Reformatting (MPR) and other views. The viewer now remembers attributes like window leveling, image index, zoom, and pan, maintaining these settings even as you navigate through hanging protocol stages. This upgrade provides a more consistent experience and prevents the loss of viewport modifications.

Enhanced Hanging Protocol Matching

We've improved hanging protocols with faster display set matching for a more user-friendly experience. Check the demo below and use period (.) and comma (,) keys to navigate between stages.

Try it out!
Customizable Context Menu

Context menu options have been expanded, allowing for greater customization and even the addition of sub-menus to any desired depth. This makes it easier for you to access the tools you need, exactly how you want them. 
UI/UX Improvements
Improved Viewport Header Design

We have revamped the viewport header to better match the overall viewer layout and design. The new design is visually appealing and space-efficient, ensuring a more streamlined user experience without wasting any screen real estate.
Double Click to Maximize Viewport

We have added the ability to double-click to maximize viewport in all our modes. The enhancement also remembers the viewport state information in order to easily return to the original layout. This has been a highly requested quality of life improvement that we are happy to add to the end user experience.
Coming Soon: Volume Rendering

We are excited to offer a sneak peek at our in-development 3D volume rendering viewport, powered by Cornerstone3D. Give our demo a try, which showcases a CT image with an interactive 3D viewport. We'll be introducing preset customization and other rendering improvements in future. A special thanks to our friends at Kitware for providing vtk.js, the library behind our volume rendering. Check out the demo using the link below!
Try it out!

Grant Updates

Chan Zuckerberg Initiative Diversity & Inclusion

Our Hack.Diversity collaboration has been successful, with two impressive cohorts from New York and Boston developing applications based on the MERN stack (MongoDB, Express, React, and Node.js).

Here are two screenshots of the apps developed by our talented students! Although we couldn't showcase all of the amazing apps our students created, we're incredibly proud of their hard work and dedication. Many of these talented students are seeking internships to further develop their skills. If your organization is interested in offering internships and benefiting from their expertise, we encourage you to visit Hack.Diversity's page for more information.
On the right is ProjectX app developed by "techdive6" group (members: Titamah Simpson, Luz Agudelo, Donovan Francis, Liban Osman, Nick Johnson, John Fleurimond), and on the left is DoctorHelp created by "the Ops" (members: Tamara Bueno, Ryan Santiago, Aaron Pagoada, Xica Felix, Elijah Agyemang).
We are still actively seeking collaborators for our community mentorship program! This is a unique opportunity for global community members to work 1:1 with our core developers on their OHIF related projects. See more about the grant here.
Contact us about collaboration
Preclinical Imaging XNAT-enabled Informatics (PIXI) Collaboration

We have successfully finished the 4D support development for Cornerstone3D and will soon start the OHIF development phase. Following thorough memory profiling, we are excited to present demos featuring 4D PET of a mouse hotel with four animals showing tracer uptake over time. Check out our developer demo below!
Try it out

Share Your Project on the OHIF Website

We will soon unveil a new section on our website, showcasing projects and products developed using OHIF or Cornerstone libraries. This initiative aims to highlight diverse applications and inspire innovation in the community.

Join us in celebrating these accomplishments by sharing your OHIF experiences. If you'd like to feature your project, please click on the link below to fill out our survey.

Get featured on OHIF website
Notable Contributions 

We want to extend our gratitude to the following organizations for their valuable contributions to our open-source projects:
  • Voxelwise Imaging Technologies funded the efforts for the hanging protocol improvements and DICOM SR improvements.
  • added support for a new volume rotate tool and a fix for black area inside volume viewports.
  • New Lantern added support for the new planar rotate tool for our stack viewports.
  • Gradient Health contributed touch event support to Cornerstone3D, which in turn facilitates touch events in OHIF.
  • The Pliny team contributed TypeScript typings to the Cornerstone Image Loader.
In Case You Missed It 
  • IDC Release: The Imaging Data Commons (IDC) released their March 2023 update, featuring new OHIF features in their announcement. In this release, IDC added AI-generated annotations, volumetric, and slice annotations.. Check out the IDC announcement here.
  • Help Wanted: Several users of OHIF have been offering to help port MONAI Label to OHIF v3 and the MONAI Label developers are actively looking for community support.  If you are interested please chip in to improve very cool open source medical AI collaboration. 
  • 2023 SIIM Hackathon is just around the corner! Taking place June 7th through 16th. You can participate remotely at no cost, or join the optional in-person activities if you’re attending the SIIM 2023 conference.

Thank You & Reminder

OHIF Office Hours are held every week online on Thursdays at 10 a.m. Eastern Time. This is a great opportunity for community members to work directly with the core team on their OHIF related projects. You can find information on how to join here

Thank you for reading this newsletter and supporting OHIF! We appreciate your engagement and look forward to sharing more exciting updates soon. Stay tuned!

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