OHIF Viewer v3.6 - Official Version 3 Release

June 2023

New Features:

  • DICOM Radiotherapy Structure Sets: Enhancement of DICOM RTSTRUCT rendering pipeline to better integrate with other segmentation types.
  • Slide Microscopy: Slide microscopy code updated with the latest technologies from the DICOM Microscopy Library and SLIM Viewer.
  • DICOM Uploader: New feature to easily upload DICOM files directly from the viewer to their PACS systems over DICOMWeb.
  • Cornerstone DICOM Image Loader Migrated to TypeScript: Transition to the new TypeScript-based DICOM Image Loader library.
  • Cornerstone3D 1.0 Release: Announcement of Cornerstone3D reaching version 1.0, indicating its readiness for production use.

OHIF Viewer v3.5 - Docker Build

May 2023

This update represents a minor release that is primarily focused on enhancing the development environment of the OHIF Viewer. It achieves this by integrating Docker build support, which is essential for streamlining the deployment process and ensuring consistent environments. Additionally, in an effort to optimize the development workflow, this release takes care of pushing changes to the master branch. Furthermore, it strategically splits the master branch from the release branch. This separation is crucial as it allows the developers to work more efficiently on the ongoing developments in the master branch, while simultaneously ensuring that the release branch remains stable and well-maintained. Such an approach underlines the commitment to both innovation and reliability.

OHIF Viewer v3.4 - Enhanced Hanging Protocols

April 2023

  • New Viewport State Preservation: Enhancements in state synchronization in OHIF Viewer for a seamless experience when switching between Multiplanar Reformatting (MPR) and other views.
  • Enhanced Hanging Protocol Matching: Improved hanging protocols for a faster, more user-friendly experience.
  • Customizable Context Menu: Expansion of context menu options allowing for greater customization and addition of sub-menus.
  • UI/UX Improvements: Revamped viewport header design and the addition of double-click functionality to maximize viewport.

OHIF Viewer v3.3 - Segmentation Support

November 2022

  • 3D Segmentation: Segmentations are natively loaded and rendered in 3D. The UI includes various interaction tools and rendering display preferences. Segmentation creation and editing tools are in development.
  • Fast and Optimized Multiplanar Reconstruction (MPR): The viewer now supports MPR visualization of volumes and segmentations, leading to significantly reduced memory footprint and improved performance.
  • New Collapsible Side Panels: The OHIF Viewer has redesigned side panels to be more compact and user friendly.
  • Context-aware Drag and Drop via Hanging Protocols: The viewer now allows a more seamless experience when dragging and dropping thumbnails.
  • New Tools: Two new tools have been added: Reference Lines and Stack Synchronizations.

OHIF Viewer v3.2 - Mode Gallery & TMTV Mode

August 2022

  • New Total Metabolic Tumor Volume (TMTV) Workflow: This new mode includes high-performance rendering of volumetric data in ten distinct viewports, fusion of two series with adjustable colormaps, synchronization of the viewports for both camera and VOI settings, jump-to-click capability to synchronize navigation in all viewports, and support for exporting results.
  • OHIF Workflow Mode Gallery: This new feature is a one-stop shop for users to find, install, and use OHIF modes and share functionality with the community. The gallery is continuously updated with community-submitted modes.

OHIF Viewer v3.1 - Cornerstone3D Integration

July 2022

  • Cornerstone3D Integration: OHIF v3.1 has deprecated the legacy Cornerstone.js extension and replaced all functionality with Cornerstone3D. This includes updating the Measurement Tracking workflow mode.
  • GPU Accelerated 2D Rendering: The Cornerstone3D rendering engine now supports WebGL 2D textures for large images, increasing the interaction speed significantly compared to the legacy Cornerstone.js engine.
  • Upgraded Hanging Protocol Engine: The OHIF Hanging Protocol Engine has been updated for increased flexibility and ease of writing protocols. This includes the ability to position viewports in any non-grid layout and specify viewport configurations such as colormap, initial VOI, initial image to render, orientation, and more.

OHIF Viewer v3.0 Public Beta Launch

September 2021

  • UI has been completely redesigned with modularity and workflow modes in mind.
  • New UI components have been built with Tailwind CSS
  • Addition of workflow modes
  • Often, medical imaging use cases involve lots of specific workflows that reuse functionalities. We have added the capability of workflow modes, that enable people to customize user interface and configure application for specific workflow.
  • The idea is to reuse the functionalities that extensions provide and create a workflow. Brain segmentation workflow is different from prostate segmentation in UI for sure; however, they share the segmentation tools that can be re-used.
  • Our vision is that technical people focus on developing extensions which provide core functionalities, and experts to build modes by picking the appropriate functionalities from each extension.
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OHIF is open source software released under the
MIT license.