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Research Viewer for Clinical Trials in Nuclear Medicine


Pixilib ( is an imaging CRO promoting decisional image based biomarkers for patient management in clinical trials. Our main topic (but not limited) is PET/CT imaging in lymphoma. We are implementing a PET/CT viewer built on the top of OHIF, this viewer is integrating custom and personalized PET/CT visualization workflow and advanced quantification of prognostic biomarkers (SUV, SUL, TMTV, Dmax …). The client side rendering architecture of OHIF is a game changing approach for clinical research allowing users to have a portable viewer available everywhere with no installation with high performance as all image processing relies on the client hardware with same performances as a locally installed viewer. This way our expert physicians panel can work from any computer connected to the internet either in a hospital or from home making centralized decisions available a few hours after image reception. OHIF flexibility allows us to fully connect the viewer with our data management backend, filling our e-CRF automatically from the viewer and tomorrow integrating AI aided diagnosis for researchers. Pixilib is an active contributor to OHIF ecosystem and aims to change the paradigm of viewer in clinical research by making an extensible viewer to fit each clinical trial need and build personalized medicine of tomorrow.


"OHIF framework allows us full flexibility to fulfill each user needs, we develop features based on researchers projects. The core features are contributed to OHIF open source project while the final implementation addressing GaelO integration and user customization is made on our viewer built on the top of OHIF."

- Dr. Salim Kanoun
CEO - Pixilib
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OHIF is open source software released under the
MIT license.