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Tesseract-Medical Imaging (Tesseract-MI) is an innovative, open-source platform that incorporates artificial intelligence (AI) models into standard image viewing and reporting schemes within a web-based environment. This platform successfully integrates AI into clinical workflows, making it easier and more efficient to deploy AI technologies.

A unique feature of Tesseract-MI is its integration with the Open Health Imaging Foundation (OHIF) viewer. The OHIF viewer, a cornerstone of Tesseract-MI's image viewing and reporting functionalities, allows for dynamic interaction with images and reports, providing essential tools like image rendering, image interaction and manipulation, and DICOM retrieval. The integration of the OHIF viewer into the platform enables the seamless visualization and manipulation of medical images alongside the application of AI models. This, combined with the flexibility of the web-based platform, ensures compatibility with existing clinical standards and minimal disruption to established workflows.

The platform's capabilities are showcased through, an application developed on the Tesseract platform. This application leverages the integrated OHIF viewer and AI models to identify clinically significant prostate cancer in MRI images, demonstrating the potential of Tesseract-MI to augment and improve clinical decision-making processes.


"OHIF Viewer has enabled seamless integration of AI models into our project, simplifying the deployment of these models, and democratizing access to AI in healthcare overall."

- Dr. Parvin Mousavi
Director - Medical Informatics Lab, Queen's University
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OHIF is open source software released under the
MIT license.